Simple monthly plans

Our straightforward monthly membership plans are designed with your convenience in mind. No hidden fees or complicated terms—just easy access to all the benefits of our yoga studio.

Classes Monthly Prices


8 group classes per month
$ 120 / Monthly


12 group classes per month
$ 89 / Monthly


16 group classes per month
$ 115 / Monthly


20 group classes per month
$ 125 / Monthly

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Find the Perfect Plan for Your Practice

Explore our range of yoga membership plans to find the one that suits your practice best. We have options tailored to your needs

Basic Monthly Membership

$ 50 / Month

Premium Monthly Membership

$ 80 / Month

Annual Membership

$ 195 / Month


$ 125 / Month

Let’s improve your mental health

Feel free to send us any questions you may have. We are happy to answer them.
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