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I was looking for a content generation tool that could help me write emails, ads, landing pages, websites and more with the touch of a button and I found this.

Nazeera Bahar

Software Engineer
AiType is a AI-based writing tool that will give your campaigns a boost by assisting with skills like generating fresh ideas and angles for high converting copy.

Andrew M. Parmenter

Graphics Designer
AiType is an AI-based content generation tool that helps you create amazing content without any pain or effort. It's fantastic, easy to use and highly affordable.

Robert P. Davis

Software Engineer
I was looking for a tool that could help me create fresh content for my clients without hiring a writer, and this is it! I am very happy with the results.

Gregory M. Lantz

Web Designer
I was looking for a tool that could help me create interesting and engaging content for my blog and I found this. AiType is a Ai Writer Tool that can be used to generate content, articles and more.

Audrey R. Williams

Software Engineer
I can even use it to create web pages, content for social media marketing, and much more. It's the best software of its kind and it's the best value for the money I've found so far.

Cassandra K. McReynolds

HR. Admin
This app is simply the best content creation software. It's easy to use and it can generate unlimited content. You can generate content for your website, landing page, ads and more. This is a must have app for all marketers and entrepreneurs.

Bob M. McCain

Software Engineer
AiType is a Ai Writer Tool. It's possible to generate unlimited content with AiType without any pain. It's fantastic and easy to use. No need to waste your time on research and thinking anymore.

Richard R. Sutter

HR. Admin
I am a content writer and work a lot of time on writing contents for my clients. But writing contents day and night is boring. I decided to invest in AiType and reduce my workload. I am very excited about this tool and have not found any other tool like this one before.

Pamela J. Juarez

Content Writer

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